Sewer FAQ

To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer here, feel free to contact us. 

What is the route of the proposed sewer project?

The sewer project's proposed route will start at Friendsville Elementary School along with North Farnum and South Farnum then along Hwy 321. 

Will there be any Waste Water Treatment Plants? 

No. There will not be any Waste Water Treatment Plants. Instead, all of the sewage collected will be pumped to a neighboring utility. 


No one will be required to connect. However, if the sewer main is directly adjacent to your property, the customer will be required to pay a sewer improvement fee. 

Why do I have to pay an improvement fee? 

The Utility is run for the benefit of all present and future customers. Therefore, while no customer shall intentionally be mistreated, no customer shall be treated in a way that compromises the interests of other customers, with the improvement fee added as aids in the additional operating cost.

What will the minimum bill for sewers be? 

The sewer minimum bill will be $22.00 for the first 2000 gallons. Per 1000 after will be $8.75.

How will I receive a sewer bill?

The sewer bill will be added to your monthly water bill. Both sewer and water bills will be due on the 18th of each month.

How do I apply for sewer service?

You will need to come in and fill out the application and pay for the sewer tap fee of $1550.00. Once that is completed, you decide if you would like to go with a grinder pump or step system. 

What is the difference between a grinder pump or a Step system?

A grinder pump system is comprised of a pump vault, pump(s), discharge piping, control panel, and level sensors. 

Step systems are comprised of a baffled septic tank(s), screen and pump vault, pump(s), discharge piping, control panel, and level sensors. 

Can I install my grinder pump or step system?

Yes, you can. You will need to follow standard requirements set forth by the Utility Board. Inspections will be made accordingly.