In 2019, the City of Friendsville was awarded a grant from Economic Development Administration. The funding would allow much-needed sewer infrastructure operations to the community of Friendsville. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic hit in spring of 2020 which, delayed the beginning project started date to December 2020. The project, estimated at $800,000.00, included materials, equipment rentals, surveys, engineer fees, and permits. The installation of the pipe would be self-preformed by our city/water employees. Blount County Schools signed a contract to give the city $50,000.00 over the next five years. The city would provide a sewer line to the school to ensure Friendsville Elementary with an adequate working sewer system. The school has run on a package plant for the past 40 plus years, and the school has its pump weekly. As of September 2021, the project is 70% complete. 




Rates and Convenience Fee

Wastewater service shall be charged at rates established by the City of Friendsville. Users will be charged a minimum based on the number of water meters installed unless one water meter is used to serve multiple units. Each unit will be set at least the minimum monthly fee for each unit served in such cases. In addition, users who are not physically connected to the sewer but a sewer main is adjacent to the property, and a user will be assessed a sewer improvement fee. The monthly wastewater rate schedule shall be as follows:

Wastewater Usage  Residential Commercial/Industrial

First 2,000 gallons (Minimum Monthly Bill)

$22.00 $36.00
Over 1,000 gallons $8.75 $8.75
Sewer Improvement Fee $22.00 $36.00