Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 


Sewer System

Sanitary sewer system beginning along Unitia rd in Loudon County and traveling along Hwy 321. Sewer main will cross over to S. Farnum st. and travel down S. Farnum and N. Farnum, then crossing over to E. 3rd Ave. Ending at Friendsville Elementary School. If interested in the planned route of the sewer system, click here!


  • Promoting Commercial and Industrial growth along the 321 corridors.
  • Eliminating the possibility of properties being condemned due to septic tank failures. 
  • Protecting the Friendsville Community's ecosystem by preventing contaminants from septic tank discharges from possibly entering the water table.  

Big Springs/ Floyd Lee Rd

Water Department forces extending the Big Springs water main to Floyd Lee rd. Then install a new 4-inch water main along Floyd Lee rd. 


  • Providing safe, quality drinking water to several new customers along Floyd Lee rd. Who currently have "well" water. 

Marble Hill/ Cloyds Church

The water department forces interconnecting Marble Hill water main and the Cloyds Church Water main. 


  • Providing a contingency water supply for 400+ customers in the Cloyds Church/Meadow community in case of outages from our primary source. 


Proposed Projects

The City of Friendsville has currently been awarded a 2019 Disaster Grant: Wastewater Project. 

A Detailed project description, including a thorough explanation of the undertaking, where the undertaking is, and any other relevant information on the project, can be found at Friendsville City Hall. If interested in the current route of the new sewer project, Click here!

  • Sewer Collection System
  • Marble Hill PH 3