CodeRed - August 15, 2017

City of Friendsville has signed up with CodeRED alert. This is designed to have our citizens made... [more...]


Friendsville Citizen's of Community Improvement CCI

Our Mission:

We aid to needy families in our community when tragic strikes by providing assistance for human needs  (groceries, clothing, medical supplies, and emotional support). Throughout the year we organize several diverse types of fund raisers to raise money for families at Christmas time by providing a food basket and presents for children to have under the tree on Christmas morning. Without the love and support we receive from our community this would not be possible. CCI is a caring group of individuals. They are made up of men, woman and some young adults. As a non-profit organization, we provide a visible presence of community love for those who are in need. Further, we are a comprehensive care-giving organization which allows volunteers to provide help to their community. We are always in need of volunteers to come join us. For more information about CCI call 865-995-2831

Meeting Location:204 East College Ave, Friendsville

When: Second (2) Tuesday of the month