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Friendsville welcomes you to our small city, with community values and an old hometown feel. Friendsville was settled in the 1790s by the Religious Society of Friends, better known as the Quakers, who opposed both war and slavery. The town became a key player in the Underground Railroad, which aided runaway slaves and others who wished to escape to the North. William Hackney was a Friendsville Quaker who helped more than 2,000 people leave the South using Cudjo’s Cave in Friendsville. It is even the subject of a book written by John Trowbridge in 1863, called “Cudjo’s Cave.” The cave is now closed to the public. We are also on the Civil War Trail.

Our city is making great strides to improve our community's infrastructure to serve its citizens better, and there is plenty of opportunity for more growth and expansion.  We recently relocated our City Hall and WaterWorks department to a new location at 213 W. College Ave. to better serve the community and our water customers. The employees are working diligently to improve the city, replace drain pipes, put in new water lines, mow, take care of street signs, and provide assistance for new residents.  We are a small group of employees who work as a team and have the best interest of Friendsville at heart.
While our community is small, with a population of 913 within the city limits, we have 3,000 on the outskirts. We are close to water recreation, restaurants, and tons of history to share. Most move here to enjoy our small-town atmosphere while still close enough to drive to the larger surrounding cities for the day.  Friendsville has so much history, memories, and its future to share. City commissioners and I are dedicated to improving the community and offer more to its citizens.  For example, we are working towards a walking track area and playground for you to enjoy. We would also like to build a pavilion to come and enjoy a picnic or celebrate a special occasion.  However, our first project is our old City Hall building that we would like to turn into a community center.  




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